Bob Sahangin (zind4gi) wrote in vw_portland,
Bob Sahangin


I've got a 2003 VW Golf TDI. So, with the insanely high prices for diesel in Oregon (worst case $0.80/gal more than regular), have any of you converted to BioDiesel? If so, do you make your own, have a reliable supplier, or go to a place that offers it to the general public like Sequential BioFuels? If you have a reliable supplier, how much are you paying? Could you give me the name of your reliable supplier? If you are going to a place like Sequential BioFuels, how much are they charging and is it B20/B99 or some other combination? Finally, if you have switched over to BioD have you had any problems with your car other than having to change out the fuel filter? Thanks in advance.
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